Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Word Count and Another Publication!

It has been a strange week for writing. I have Wednesday and Friday off and I have to thank God for previously unheard of production this Wednesday. I ended up with 3026 words. That's A new high for me. In comparison, Friday's word count was a paltry 973. This wouldn't be such an issue, I have my 5000 weekly goal broke into 833 words a day 6 days a week with a day off, BUT I didn't write a word Mon., Tue., or Thurs. *winces* I'm not sure what the problem has been this week. I'm confident I will meet my goal with today and tomorrow yet to churn out a mere 1000 words, but it bothers me that really slacked off this week. I could have had 7-8 k this week if I had followed my normal schedule the other days.

Onto good news, two of my short stories, On the Chance and Promise of Tomorrow, were accepted to the Static Movement Anthology, Something from the Attic 2! The editor, the fabulous Chris Bartholomew had such kind words to say about my writing. It is amazing how a couple words of praise can inspire a writer's confidence.

Lotsa Love and Creativity

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bit of Exposure and Progress

I had a bit of wonderful news the other day...the anthology Literary Foray is now available on Amazon for purchase and they used an excerpt from one of my stories in the description! It really was unexpected and an honor not to mention a great little bit of exposure for me. *Heart*

Those that know me well know I am an incredibly slow writer. Those that don't know me ... now you know too. LOL So with the success of my short stories the last two months of 2010 I wanted to build on that in 2011 with my WIP novel. I have a horrible track record of setting novels aside and never picking them back up. I did not want that to happen to Club Justice. I knew I needed goals to keep me moving, but really struggled with what type of goals to set for it. I finally settled on 5000 words a week. Many of you can blow that out in a day, I know, but not me and I figured it was another step in the right direction and a way to keep the words flowing. I started December 27th with 18589 words and when I closed up Word last night I was at 30965. It is humbling to mark the progress and it gives me great hope. I've added a word count widget to my BLOG to publicly track my progress. Maybe it will help keep me on track.

Another thing that I did for the first time is I created an outline for my WIP. How professional of an outline I can't say, however it is something for me to jot down ideas and high points for the story and refer back to when I hit those blank moments at the beginning of a new chapter. Is there anything as terrifying as a blank page? UGH!

I know it has only been two weeks, but as I am getting fond of saying ... it is another step in the right direction. Wish me luck *Shamrock* and the same to you my friends.

~ Love
~ MM

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wishing all a Happy, Creative 2011!

I wish all my BLOGGER friends a Happy and CREATIVE 2011! Welcome the year of the Novel!