Thursday, August 18, 2011

BLOGGER procrastination of the worst kind!

I can't believe it has been 6 months! *BLUSHES* Unbelievable! I wish I had some fabulously creative excuse that would inspire you all, something to tug at the heart strings and put you all firmly behind me ... but truth be known it was just pure laziness and life that kept me away.

For much of those six months I've indulged my creative side with little tales inspired by contest prompts on or played at a round robin story with a dear friend. TONS of fun, but not the step towards further publication I had hoped for. I've recently picked up my novel WIP, Club Justice, and dusted it off in hopes of digging back in. I hope that I can stick to the task there, as well as here, and continue my journey towards publication of a longer piece. Funny how you have to finish it first. lol

Oh! And what would a BLOG visit be with out a bit of shameless self promotion?  LOL I did have a couple more short stories hit the Amazon site while I was gone. These stories are of the naughty erotic variety, always a genre near and dear to my heart. *Wink* Give them a peek if you get at chance!

It is good to be back and I look forward to catching up with everyone! <3

~ Mara McBain

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  1. Dear friend? What dear friend? I ought to cover them in paper cuts and douse them in lemon juice for distracting you like th--oh...oops. *sheepish grin* It WAS fun.
    That said, I am glad to see you back on track, and back on Blogger as well. (not just for the purely selfish reason of me missing your comments, though that is a huge part ;) ) You have the talent to make it in this industry, my beloved writing twin. Now we just need to make sure you have the drive and dedication to match!