Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It arrived today!!!

My copy of  Something from the Attic arrived today! It was an amazing feeling to hold a book in my hands and read one of my stories. I can't even imagine the thrill of those blessed with a book deal. I can't stop grinning over a short story!


  1. Whoot! I got my copy a couple days ago. I love your story!! I hadn't read it in a while and it was great experiencing it again. Huge congrats!!!!

    Love your new profile pic. I HAVE to change mine. My husband and kids keep reminding me I DON'T look like that anymore :P (LOL)

    Have a great evening, sis!

  2. Thank you so much, sis! I can not WAIT for Literary Foray to come out. It will be so amazing with the number of great authors and friends.

    I figured it was about time I put a picture up. LOL My son asked the other day why I didn't have one and this is my most recent, just taken last month when we were having family pictures taken. *grimaces* I don't know about you, but I NEVER like pictures of me!

    I'm so glad your WIP is progressing so well! I've added a word counter for my novel project to the BLOG here and hope that it will inspire me to dive back into it in a couple weeks when my commitments on WDC are finished. You are very inspiring!!

    Have a great evening!

    Love ya!

    ~ Mara