Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas in October!

Found a deal on a new HP Laptop with an awesome 17.3 inch screen that I just couldn't pass up. The plan was to replace my laptop at Christmas and hand mine down to my son, but like I said ... too good to pass up. The good news is I am ALMOST done with shopping for the holiday season, just the hubby to buy for and the family pictures that will hopefully be this weekend. Lets hope the new LT gives me lots of inspiration and I will just have to remember to cuddle it Christmas morning when everyone else is opening presents! LOL

~ MM


  1. Lucky!! I'm still tethered to the wall with my desktop computer. I hope Santa brings me a laptop for Christmas. A MacBook would be awesome....but I'd be just as happy with a Dell. Dude.

    Happy for you, Mara! Now get writing! :D

  2. Gah, I can't even begin to think about Christmas right now! But yes, a new laptop would be nice!