Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We are all adults here ...

I just wanted to touch on this BLOG's "CONTENT WARNING." Besides writing main stream fiction, I also write erotica. It is a genre that I really enjoy exploring from the romantic to the dark and depraved. So to be safe, and not offend any more than necessary, I slapped the warning label on.

In the right hand column, under the heading "The Weekly Quickie," are flash fiction pieces I have been writing for a contest of the same name on Writing.com. The contest provides a word or picture prompt and the challenge is to arouse the judge in 869 words or less. It is a fun contest and a great way to explore both existing characters, like my Clay & Ginny who are the mains in a novel WIP, and new characters and ideas.

I hope if you take a peek you let me know what you think!

Have a great day!

~ MM


  1. Welcome to the 'sphere. There are lots of wonderful writers you'll enjoy 'meeting'.
    Nic sent me here...I've been (am) unplugged (slogging through revision hell), so I'm a little late getting here. I won't be around much the next couple of weeks until I finish revisions, but I'm pleased to meet you.


  2. Hello Lola! It is great to meet you! *shudders* Revisions ... ugh ... beyond hell. I am a compulsive edit as I write type and really HATE going back afterwards. It is something I really need to work on.

    Best of luck!

    ~ MM

  3. Hi Mara! I tried to leave a comment earlier and the Blogger Gremlins conspired against it. Just wanted to say I've been meaning to peek inside your Weekly Quickies folder. Looking forward to it! Just have to get these writing goals met for the week. My muse AND my inner editor are helping with my WYRM contest final entry -- so it's s-l-o-w g-o-i-n-g! Wish me luck!

    ((hugs)) Nicole